Sunday, March 23, 2014

Poetry Slam Volume 1


This creative writing class gets better every week.  Today’s (9/25/2013) session was simply off the charts.  Mr. Joyner (Warden), Mr. Vaughn (Deputy Warden), and Mr. Doering (C.E.O. of Prison Medical Health Care) joined the many guests in attendance for today’s class.  Real talk.

As you should already know, this creative writing class is kind of a big deal.  Well, today’s Poetry Slam took a big deal and made it a mega historical event.  BTW, in case you’re unaware of what a poetry slam may be, your MannofStat will be more than rapturous to indulge your interest.  Here’s how we flow on the row:

After weeks of exploring our literary skills, Dr. Kuhns along with his colleague, Ms. Lee – decided to put our skills to the test.  We were told a week in advance that we would be expected to have and recite a poem created by no other than the individual reciting it.  I gotta tell you blogosphere; sharing my work has never been a problem for me, but reciting it hasn’t been a part of my growth as a writer.  That is up until today.  Na mean?

Descending the stairwell on my way to class, I had no idea that the classroom would be filled to capacity.  The mood was set by the sounds of a bangin jazz CD, and Dr. Kuhns coordinating introductions between staff and prisoners.  Once I broke the threshold, I instinctively went into my zone.  It was much like a hungry MC stepping into the booth for the first time; but different.  I could feel my Grown Mann exuding decisiveness – giving me a level of confidence to aid me in stepping out of the madness and into unflappability.  I was ready to be heard.  Feel me?

Once the volume of the mesmerizing jazz CD was lowered, Dr. Kuhns asked, “Who’d like to be brave enough to go first?” He didn’t even get to scan the room before my hand went into the air.  “I’ll go.” Before I knew it, my entire being was consumed in a tribute to my Moms (Where Would I Be -  I introduced this poem by stating that it was a tribute to the first woman I’d ever loved.  The word “be” is used in this poem as recognition to my Moms moniker, “Stingin B.” Something I was able to bring to life in my recital.

I could barely hear my voice.  The stillness within the room was tranquilizing.  The facial expressions of the audience fed my literary confidence.  And the intoxicating applause was nothing but the truth in the wind; it was everywhere.  Word is bond.

After I took my seat, Dr. Kuhns granted me the privilege of selecting the next poet.  Without a second thought, I chose, Big Bank.  His expression, “Cemetery In the Flesh” will be featured in Volume 2 of this Poetry Slam series.  My barber/fellow lyricist, Bucktown, will be featured in Volume 3.  He’ll display his poetic prowess (Unreadable Love), as well as engaging you with his perspective on our creative writing class.

So, for the next week, just sit back and enjoy the poetic light show, coming from the row.  The warden certainly did.  Ya heard?

Stay Up,

Copyright © 2013 by Leroy Elwood Mann

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  1. Oh wow iam so very proud of you BE BLESS